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  • Adding PayPal Buy Now Buttons To Your Website

    PayPal can be used in a number of different ways with your WebStarts website. Whether you choose to configure your WebStarts Store with your PayPal account, or simply add a PayPal button directly on

  • Collecting Your Money From Your PayPal Account

    If you are using PayPal to process payments through your website, either through the WebStarts Store or simply through Buy Now buttons placed on your website, you will need to be able to transfer

  • Adding PayPal To Your WebStarts Store

    The WebStarts Store allows you to process secure credit card transactions online. If you do not want to use a payment gateway to accept credit cards, you can always use PayPal to process your

  • Connecting Your Bank To Your PayPal Account

    If you are using PayPal to process payments on your website, either through the WebStarts Store or with an embedded PayPal button, you'll need a way to get those funds deposited in your bank account.

  • Refunding A Charge Within Your PayPal Account

    Any time you need to reverse an order made in your Store, you must also refund the transaction within the associated payment processor. Check out the video and steps below to see how that is done

  • Creating A Payment Enabled Form

    A payment enabled form is perfect for custom orders, event registrations, and any other situation where you need to collect form data alone with a payment. You can enable any form created with the

  • Accepting Donations Through A Payment Enabled Form

    To accept donations with a payment enabled form follow these steps. 1. Open the Form Builder App. 2. Click on the Payment button to add a payment enabled field to your form. 3. Click on the payment

  • Adding A Music Store To Your Website

    You can sell audio tracks directly from your website with the Music Store app. Here’s how you can add a music store to any page of your website. Step 1. From the page editor click on the add icon on

  • Changing The Default Currency In Your Store

    The WebStarts Store provides you with the ability to change the currency viewed within your Store Take a look at the steps below... From your WebStarts Account dashboard, click the Store panel to

  • Setting Up Your Account To Work With WebStarts Store

    When you create a new Store with WebStarts, you can connect a payment processor account (Stripe, and/or PayPal) which allows you to immediately start processing live sales through the

  • Refunding An Order Within Your Store

    Any payment made through your Store can be reversed and refunded back to your customer. You will need to first Reverse the order within the Store and then refund the charge from within your chosen

  • Troubleshooting Card Declines

    When you're running an online store you're bound to run into a situation when a customer's card is declined at checkout. There are numerous reasons cards can be declined. They range from not having

  • Testing A Purchase From Your Online Store

    Before sending people to your online store you'll want to process a test transaction to make sure everything is working as you expect. You can choose to run a test transaction in either live mode or

  • Setting Up Stripe With Your Store

    In addition to PayPal and, you can choose to set up Stripe as your merchant processor within your WebStarts Store. Check out the video and steps provided below for help creating a new

  • Composing HTML Emails

    Composing HTML emails gives you the freedom and ability to have much more control over the look and feel of your email creatives. Take a look at the steps and concepts below to learn how to master

  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

    Q. How do I get a hold of someone at WebStarts? A. Easy! Just send an email to or visit our Contact page. You can also schedule a call back at Our team of