Adding A Music Store To Your Website

You can sell audio tracks directly from your website with the Music Store app. Here’s how you can add a music store to any page of your website.

Step 1: From the page editor click on the add icon on the left sidebar and then choose to add the music store app.

Step 2: Create your album name and provide album details and even cover art if you choose. You can sell your complete album or one song at at time. There are options to set a different price for both.

Step 3. Upload the music files you’d like to include in your album along with additional cover art for each song.

Step 4. Enter you Paypal email address where you’d like to get paid when someone purchases your music.

Step 5. Select your album and insert it onto your web page. Drag and drop it where you’d like it to appear. You can access additional options by clicking the music store widget and then clicking on the settings icon.