Troubleshooting Card Declines

When you're running an online store you're bound to run into a situation when a customer's card is declined at checkout. There are numerous reasons cards can be declined. They range from not having an available balance, to the transaction being interpreted as a fraud risk, to entering the wrong information at checkout, and more.

If you suspect a card is being declined in error, the first thing you should do is run a transaction using your own card. If the transaction goes through, it tells you the issue is likely specific to a single card that is being used by your customer. In those scenarios you would want to ask the customer if they could try another card or check with their bank to ensure their card is valid.

If you run a test with your own card, and you're sure you entered the information correctly, and there's an available balance, but it's still coming back declined, you'll want to check the reason for the decline with your payment processor. WebStarts supports Stripe,, and PayPal. By logging into your payment processor you will be able to gain insight into the declined transactions. If you're unsure how to find information concerning your declines be sure to contact your payment processor for more information.