Testing A Purchase From Your Online Store

Before sending people to your online store you'll want to process a test transaction to make sure everything is working as you expect. You can choose to run a test transaction in either live mode or test mode. It's recommended your final testing be done in live mode while preliminary testing should be done in test mode. Running a live test transaction during your final testing will ensure you and your customers have the same experience. However, running a live transaction means a charge will actually be placed on your credit card and reflect in your sales reporting. That means after completing a live transaction test you'll need to refund the transaction and reverse the sale in order to maintain accurate reporting and avoid a charge being placed on your card.

If you're not quite ready for final testing you can place your store in Test Mode. This will allow you to process transactions without placing a charge against your card or reflecting in your sales reporting. Please take extra caution to ensure your store is placed back into Live Mode before doing final testing and/or accepting transactions from real customers. If you leave your store in Test Mode and a real customer places an order no charge will be placed against their card.

To place your store into Test Mode follow these steps.

  1. Login to your account, and click on the Store Panel while in the dashboard view.
  2. Click on the Settings tab and move the toggle from Live Mode to Test Mode in the upper righthand corner of the Store Manager.

With your account in Test Mode you can go to your store and make a purchase without processing a transaction. The checkout page will accept any credit card number, expiration date that's in the future, and three-digit CVV2 code. You will receive the same email receipt a customer receives, You will also receive an email notification letting you know someone has completed a purchase. In addition, you'll receive a notification in your account reflecting someone has placed an order. Order details can be viewed under the order tab.

To place a live test transaction follow these steps.

  1. Ensure your store is in Live Mode. You can do this by logging into your account, clicking on the Store app, and then the Settings tab. The toggle switch in the top right should be in the Live Mode position.
  2. Shop your store just as if you're a customer. Add a product to your cart and proceed to checkout. (Note: You may want to create a test product for a small amount to avoid a larger charge from being placed against your card. The product must be at least $1.00 to run the transaction.) Use your own credit card at checkout just like a customer.
  3. If the transaction is successful login to your payment processor whether it be Wepay, Stripe, Paypal, or Authorize.net and refund/void the charge. You can ensure accurate reporting by going to the Orders tab and Reversing the transaction in the Store Manager.