Collecting Your Money From Your PayPal Account

If you are using PayPal to process payments through your website, either through the WebStarts Store or simply through Buy Now buttons placed on your website, you will need to be able to transfer those funds to your bank account. Check out the video and steps below to see how to collect your money from PayPal...

  1. Login to your PayPal account at
  2. In the upper left corner you will note your current account balance. Click the button below that labeled Collect Your Money.
  3. Click the Transfer Money button provided on the following page.
  4. Choose how you wish to transfer your money from the 3 options provided...
    1. Instant - Choosing this method will get your money to you within just a few moments. There is an additional 1% fee required however.
    2. Standard - This method takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days depending on your bank and where you are located. There is no fee charged for this method.
    3. Mail via Check - If you would like a check mailed to you, choose this method. There is a flat fee of $1.50 for this service.
  5. In most cases the Standard transfer is the preferred method. Go ahead and click the Standard button to proceed.
  6. Choose the bank account you would like to transfer your funds to and click Next
    1. NOTE: If you have not yet connected your Bank to your PayPal account, you can do so as shown Here.
  7. Confirm the amount you would like to transfer and click Next again.
  8. Review the details of the transfer, including where it is transferring to, the transfer speed, and any associated fees. Click the Transfer button to proceed.
  9. From the Transfer confirmation page, click the Done button to complete the transfer process.

That's all there is to transferring your money from your PayPal account in to your bank account. For more topics related to PayPal, Click Here.