Adding A Facebook Pixel To Your WebStarts Website

Adding the Facebook pixel to your website allows you to track conversions and better optimize your Facebook ads. Check out the steps below to see how to add that to your site now...

  1. Login to your Facebook account and then navigate to your Facebook Events manager by clicking here.
  2. Click the Events Manager menu tab in the upper left corner, followed by Pixels.
    1. Create your Facebook Pixel
      1. Click the green Create a Pixel button.
      2. Enter the Name you would like to use for your Pixel.
      3. Enter your Website URL.
      4. Click the Create button and then skip to step 3.
    2. Edit your existing Facebook Pixel.
      1. Click the Pixel name to edit. 
      2. Click the Setup drop down in the upper right corner, followed by Install Pixel.
  3. Choose how you want to install the Pixel code by selecting the center option to Manually add pixel code to website.
  4. Under Step #1 to Install base code on website, click on the Pixel code provide to copy to your clipboard.
  5. Leaving your Events Manager page open, move over to a new browser tab and login to your WebStarts account dashboard.
    1. Click to Edit your website.
    2. Click the Edit tab, followed by HTML Code to edit the HTML code of your site.
    3. Select the View Site Head tab to view the Head section of your website.
    4. Paste the Pixel code saved to your clipboard in to the window provided and then click OK.
      • Note: By adding the code to the Site Head, it will be placed on every page of your site as is required.
    5. Save your page.
  6. Moving back to your Events Manager page, choose whether you want to Turn on Automatic Advanced Matching under Step #2.
  7. Test the base code added above by entering the URL for your website in the field provided and then click Test.
If the Facebook Pixel was installed and saved to your site properly, you should see a green Active status once the test is complete. 
For any other questions related to creating and managing the Events using the Facebook Pixel, be sure to refer to the Facebook Pixel Set-up Guide.

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