Editing Or Adding HTML Code To Your Website

WebStarts provides a number of different ways that you can add or edit the HTML code of your WebStarts website. While we work hard to develop the tools to avoid having to do so, you may still end up needing to add some sort of tracking code, 3rd party app embed, or even edit the existing code of the page. Take a look at the video and steps below for help editing or adding HTML code to your site...

NOTE: When editing the HTML Code for the site, it's always a good idea to first do so on a test page to make sure that the changes you are making are not going to create a conflict on the page. Once you are happy with the changes, go ahead and apply those to the live page or pages.

  1. From the WebStarts editor, click Edit > Edit HTML to edit the existing HTML code of your page.
    1. Warning: To proceed, you must acknowledge that editing the HTML code of your site could result in unexpected behavior by clicking the Yes button.
  2. To edit the existing code located in the Body section of your page, select the View Source Code tab in the left panel and then edit the code provided as required and then click the OK button.
  3. To edit the Head section of your site, be it the Head of the entire website or that of just that page alone, select the appropriately labeled tabs located in the left panel and edit the code as required and then click the OK button.
  4. If adding a more portable bit of HTML code, such as a self contained HTML Embed, select the Paste Code tab in the left panel, paste the Embed Code in the blank window provided and then click the OK button
  5. Be sure to save your changes and view your live site to ensure the changes made are shown.

Can't find what you're looking for? You can email support@webstarts.com for additional support.