Adding DKIM To Your Domain

DKIM is an advanced email authentication method that helps combat spoofing and phishing as well as lessen the likelihood that one of your emails ends up in a recipient's spam folder. Instructions for generating your DKIM prefix selector and public key vary by email provider (see Google Workspace instructions here), but the process does require adding a TXT record to your domain's DNS for the DKIM record setup.

To add a DKIM record to your domain follow these steps.

Step 1. Click the dropdown at the top righthand corner of your account, then click Domains.

Step 2. Select the domain, then click Edit DNS Records.

Step 3. Using the section at the bottom of the page, select TXT under the record "Type" dropdown, enter the value of your prefix selector into the "Hostname (Subdomain)" field, and paste the public key (generated in 1024 bits) into the "Value" field, then click Create. Note, your email provider may ask you to set up DKIM as CNAME records instead, so you may need to select CNAME as the record type if instructed.

Note: if your mailbox is provided by WebStarts, send a DKIM setup request to as we will need to complete the final authentication step on our end.