What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System and is used to manage all aspects of your domain name. Each domain has DNS settings that decide how to display your website, how to send and receive and email associated with your domain name and more. When you add a domain name to your site, these settings are automatically set up to display the website you built with us and to send and receive email using our email service. Most people will never have to make any changes to their DNS as we have done all of this for you already.

What are Name Servers?

Name Servers are basically just computers that store the DNS settings we talked about above. When you are asked to point your domain name to our Name Servers, that just means that you would like to store all of the DNS settings for your domain with us. This is automatically done when you register a domain name through us.

What is an A Record?

The Address Record, more commonly referred to as your A Record, is maintained in your DNS Settings and is what is used to direct people to your website when they visit your domain name. The A Record points directly to an IP address where all of your site files are being hosted.

What is an MX record?

MX (Mail Exchange) Records are also part of your DNS settings and are used to determine where all of the email that is associated with your domain name is to be sent and received. Without valid MX Records, any email sent to your "@yourdomainname.com" email address wouldn't know where to go.