Creating A Subscriber List

Subscriber lists are a way to group subscribers together for the purpose of sending them a marketing email. You can create a subscriber list with just a couple easy steps as outlined below...

How to Create a Subscriber List

  1. Click the Email Marketing panel located within your account dashboard to launch the email marketing manager.
  2. Click the Subscribers tab located on the sidebar. Note - there are four automated lists that exist by default:
    1. Contacts - Subscriber names and emails are added to this list anytime a visitor completes a contact form on your website.
    2. Customers - If you use the WebStarts Store, your customers are automatically added to this list whenever an order is made.
    3. Default - This list is maintained by our system and records subscribers that have been imported using a CSV file.
    4. Members - Subscribers who have signed up to be "Members." Note, this applies if you use our Membership Feature to create members-only pages of your site.
  3. Select Add List, then enter the List Name, From Name, and From Email as needed. The From Name and Email will appear as the sender name and email address when you send an email to the subscriber list, and replies to your marketing emails will go to the From Email. 

That's all there is to creating a new Subscriber list. Now you can assign the list to a contact form to build up the list or Import a CSV spreadsheet of subscriber emails to assign to the list.

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