Working with the Header and Footer

One of the biggest challenges to web design is creating a consistent look across a website. As a site visitor moves from page to page they shouldn’t have to search for things like navigation, but rather expect to find them in the same place on each page. At WebStarts we’ve devised a way for you to create this consistent look and feel by adding a header and footer section to each page. Headers can be found at the top of a page, while footers can be found at the bottom. When you drag an object into the header or footer and save the page, those objects will appear in the same location on each page of your site.

  • To add an object to your header simply drag and drop whatever it is you want displayed into the header section. When you save the page those changes will be reflected on your live site
  • To add an object to your footer you must drag and drop while holding the shift key on your keyboard. Otherwise when you drag an object against the footer, the footer will be pushed down the page.

To increase the height of a header and footer follow these steps...

  1. Click on the dotted line that represents the header or footer.
  2. Drag the handle which will appear when the header or footer is selected to increase or decrease the height of the header or footer.

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