What Is a Domain Name/Web Address?

A domain name, such as www.YourSite.com, is your own personal web address for your website and is what people will use any time they want to get to your site. Any website published to the web must have it's own unique web address. 

What is the domain name for my website?
When you first sign up for a WebStarts website, you are provided a free URL for your site which includes the WebStarts.com domain name. Your free URL will look something like this: yournewsite.webstarts.com. When you upgrade your free site to a Pro Plus or Business Plan, we provide you with a free custom top level domain name of your choice for the first year, allowing you to remove WebStarts from your web address. You can choose to register a brand new domain name or one that you have previously purchased elsewhere.

What is the cost of a domain name?
WebStarts provides a free domain name for the first year when upgrading to a Pro Plus or Business Plan. After the first year, the domain name you choose with us is then renewed at a rate of $29.95* annually. If you choose an existing domain name which you had previously registered elsewhere, you can leave the domain name where it is registered currently and simply edit the DNS to point to your WebStarts website, or you can transfer it to WebStarts for free where it would then be renewed the following year at the same $29.95* annual rate mentioned above.

Click Here to see how to add your own custom domain name to your site.

*$29.95/year is the standard domain name fee for most domain names registered through WebStarts. There are instances where this fee may not cover the actual cost of the domain and a premium domain name fee will be charged. This fee varies based on the domain name itself.