Adding An Existing Domain Name To Your Website

To add an existing domain name that you have previously registered through another domain registrar, take a look at the steps below...

  1. Click the Domains page located within the dropdown at the top/right corner of your account dashboard, then click Add Domain.
  2. Make sure the I Already Have A Domain Name tab is selected above
  3. Enter the domain name, complete with domain extension, in the field provided and click the Continue button. 
    1. Example:
  4. If you are in fact the current owner of this domain name, it will automatically be added to your site.

Before this domain name will work with your website, you will need to point your Name Servers to ours or edit your domain name A record as shown below...

How do I get my existing domain name to work with my WebStarts website?

If you have added a domain name to your website that you have previously registered elsewhere, you will need to edit the Name Servers for that domain to point to ours in order to get your website working. This would be done with the company where you originally registered the domain. You can find our Name Servers listed below...


Note: If you currently have emails associated with your existing domain name, changing these Name Servers will cause your email to stop working. In this case the best thing is to do is change only your “A Records” for your domain to point to This will allow you to continue using your existing email accounts in the way you always have, but still host your website with us. This usually means editing or creating an entry for the www and non-www A record. Please contact your current domain registrar's support team if you have any questions about how to edit your A records.

If you would like to transfer your domain name in to WebStarts, you can do that as well. Click Here to see how.

Need to register a brand new domain name instead? Check this out to see how...