How To Add A WebStarts Accordion To Your Website

Accordions allow you to have expandable and collapsible content on a page. To add an accordion to your site follow these steps.

Step 1. In the page editor view click the + Add icon on the sidebar, then select Accordion or drag the Accordion element to where you'd like it to appear on your page and then double click on the accordion to edit it.

Step 2. Click the Add Content button then add your Heading text and Body content and click Add, repeat to add more headings. Highlight body text to apply formatting/links.

Note: you can insert an image or video by creating a new line of text in the body section and click Add Image or Add Video, then select an image or video to adjust alignment, add a link and other settings. 

Step 4. Click Insert, then click Edit Style or Settings to customize styles and settings. If needed, select the accordion element and click Edit to access the Accordion Manager to add, edit, delete or reorder content as needed.

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