How To Embed A YouTube or Facebook Live Stream

You can add live streaming video to your website by embedding a YouTube or Facebook live stream. Check out the steps below to see how...

How to embed a YouTube Live Stream

  1. Go straight to the YouTube page as if you're going to watch the stream via YouTube. 
  2. Click the Share button, followed by Embed.
  3. Click the Copy button to copy the HTML code.
  4. Head to the WebStarts editor and click Add > Embed Code.
  5. Place your cursor in the Paste Code box, paste the code and press Insert. The streaming video should then populate on the screen and you can drag and drop it wherever you'd like it to appear on the page. 

How to embed a Facebook Live Stream

  1. Obtain the URL for the live stream by heading to the Facebook page, hover over the video, click the ellipsis icon and copy the link.
  2. Head to
  3. Using the Facebook developer tools, paste the link to the video under the "Embedded Video Player Configurator" section.
  4. Facebook will provide you with two snippets of code. Copy the first snippet and head to the WebStarts editor and click Add > Embed CodeNote: you'll get a warning about editing HTML, click Yes to proceed.
  5. Place your cursor in the Paste Code box, paste the code for the first snippet and press Insert. The first snippet will populate on the page as a transparent element.
  6. Copy the second snippet of code, then repeat the steps to paste it to the HTML editor just like you did with the first snippet.
  7. A text/link widget will populate in the editor and you can drag and drop it wherever you'd like the video to appear on the page (the widget automatically becomes a video player when viewing the live site).

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