What Happens When A Domain Name Expires?

Your domain name is the single most valuable component of your online presence. Allowing it to expire can and does result in the loss of that domain name. Often times never to be recovered. Even if only to ensure it doesn't get acquired by someone else, you must renew your domain name if it is at all important to you personally or as a business. 

NOTE: The Stages detailed below are not always provided for every domain name. The first stage grace period is pretty standard, but even that can vary and may not be provided. The second redemption stage is also dependent on the domain name and may or may not be provided. The only way you can ensure your domain name remains active is to renew it prior to expiration. This is your only guaranteed recourse.

What happens when a domain expires?

There are a series of stages a domain name goes through as it passes it's expiration date. While the number of days and costs associated with each stage may vary depending on the type of domain, one thing remains constant: All associated services related to your domain name will cease to function. This includes the website itself, email address, sub-domains, and more. See below for more detail regarding each stage of an expired domain name...

Stage 1: Renewal Grace Period - 1 to 40 days post expiration

This stage starts on the day the domain name expires and typically lasts for 40 days. During this period the domain name can be renewed at the standard domain renewal rate using the invoice generated and previously sent to you. This fee is typically $29.95/year but can vary depending on the domain name. For help renewing your domain name, click here.

Stage 2: Redemption Period - 41 to 70 days post expiration

This stage starts on the 41st day after the original expiration date of your domain name and typically lasts for 30 days. If you wish to renew your domain name during the redemption period, you would need to pay the renewal fee mentioned above, plus an addition $80.00 redemption fee to retrieve the domain name from it's redemptive status. There is no way to automate this process so you would have to contact the WebStarts support team at support@webstarts.com to get this done. 

Stage 3: Pending Delete Period - 71 to ? days post expiration

This stage starts on the 71st day after the original expiration date with no clear indication as to how long it lasts. It's at this point that WebStarts no longer has the ability to get your domain name back. Ideally it should be released back in to the open domain market within a few days, where you would then be able to re-register it at a standard rate, but there is no way to guarantee that. If your domain name has any history of traffic or is determined to be of value, domain squatters are sure to snatch it up. If you have allowed your domain name to get to this point, your options are limited in regard to getting it back.

NOTE: It's important to understand that these dates and time frames listed above are subject to change at any time and may not apply to every domain name. The only way WebStarts can guarantee we can secure your domain name is by paying the renewal fee when due, prior to the day it expires.