What Is An SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is used to secure the data transmitted to and from your website on the web. Adding an SSL Certificate is a critical step in ensuring that your website is viewed favorably, not only by your end users, but by Google as well.

Is your website secure?

If you aren't sure, the quickest way to determine whether your website is secure is to open it up in a web browser and look for the Lock icon next to your web address in the address bar. If secure, you will see a secure Lock icon. If your site is not secure, most browsers will provide that exact statement of Not Secure. Your site visitors see that statement as well and when they do, they tend to lose confidence in your website.

Why do you need an SSL certificate for your website?

There are a lot of reasons SSL Certificates are important, but here are a few of the more prevalent ones...

  • Remove the message displayed by web browser that your site is not secure.
  • Google is going to begin specifically flagging websites that are not secure.
  • Assure your site visitors that your website is safe and legitimate.
  • Ensure the data transmitted over your site is secure.
  • Display the closed padlock icon in the address bar of web browsers, indicating the site is secure.
  • Get the best possible ranking on Google as Google considers an SSL certificate as a positive sign in their algorithm.

How do I add an SSL Certificate to my site now?

Click the SSL Certificate panel located on your account dashboard to secure your site now.

How does an SSL certificate work?

SSL works by ensuring data transmitted from your website is encrypted from end to end. It also ensures the site you’re communicating with is who it says it is.

How do you normally install an SSL certificate?

Normally the process of installing an SSL is a pain because you’re required to access your web server software, get the authority to sign the certificate, install the private and public keys, and then configure them. 

When you purchase an SSL through WebStarts, how is installed?

There is nothing you need to do to set up the SSL Certificate. Once the SSL is purchased for your domain name, it is automatically configured in as little as 5 minutes. Doesn't get any easier than that.

Why is a WebStarts SSL certificate better?

Our SSL certificates are better than traditional certificates because they’re re-issued every 90 days, as compared to once per year or longer. Re-issuing an SSL certificate is somewhat like regularly changing your password. Re-issuing certificates every 90 days reduces the chance of any malicious behavior.

Why are some SSL certificates expensive and others very cheap or free?

Issuing an SSL requires resources to sufficiently vet, validate, insure, issue, and support certificates. In addition there are server and networking costs. The most expensive certificates are usually marked up because they have a big name security firm associated with them. The least expensive may be short-cutting some of the costs and aren’t really providing end to end security.

Can I install SSL certificates I purchased from another company on my WebStarts website?

No. In order to properly support and secure our websites we require our SSL certificates to be used. The good news is that our SSL certificates are more affordable than competitors and much simpler to deploy.

How much does WebStarts charge for SSL certificates?

The fees associated with an SSL Certificate are either $8 per month or $48.00 per year.

How long does it take for the SSL certificate to be activated?

Under normal conditions, you should see your site secured in as little as five minutes.

What causes the Lock to not show on a site secured with SSL?

In order for the SSL Secure Lock icon to be displayed in the address bar, all items added to a particular page must be secure. If you are adding content provided by WebStarts, you can be sure that this content is secure. However, if you choose to add 3rd party HTML code or embeds, you must make sure that this content is secure. Any embedded links you add that do not contain HTTPS will result in the Secure SSL Lock icon not being displayed.