Securing Your Site With An SSL Certificate

Securing your WebStarts website can be done right from your account dashboard and in as little as a few simple clicks. Gone are the days of old where installing a certificate required a web developer and a system admin. We've automated the processes so you can secure your website on your own and can do so quickly. Check out the steps and video below to see how...

  1. From within your WebStarts account dashboard, scroll down and click on the SSL Certificate panel.
  2. Click the Secure Your Site Now button.
  3. Select either the Monthly rate of $8/mo, or choose the discounted Yearly rate for your SSL Certificate.
  4. Complete the checkout by entering your card details followed by the Pay button and your site will be automatically secured within a few minutes.
Note: SSL Certificates purchased outside of WebStarts would not be able to be used for your site hosted with WebStarts. There is no interface to install such a certificate. Also, if after a few minutes the SSL hasn't secured your website you may find it helpful to click the SSL panel on the dashboard again.