Linking To Another Website From Your Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu builder found within the editor can be set up to link to just about anywhere, be it a page from your website or otherwise. To add a link to your menu that links to another website, email, file and more, take a look at the steps below...

  1. From within the website editor, click the Pages tab located in the left sidebar.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the "Add Page" button, then select Add Link.
  3. Enter the Link Name you wish to be displayed in the Menu.
  4. Click the Link To field and then choose where you would like this new tab to link to...
    1. Another Website - Link to any URL you like
    2. Email - Link to an email address to create a mail-to link
    3. Phone - Link to a phone number to create a click to call link
    4. My Files - Create a direct link to a file contained within your file manager
    5. Anchor - Link to a specific location on a page using Anchor links

Once you have the link set up as intended, be sure to save the page and view the site live to test and you should be set.

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