Working With Text

Check out the video and topics that follow for a brief overview of how to add and manage the text within your site...

Adding Text To Your Page

To insert text on to a page, click the Add+ tab in the left hand sidebar, followed by the Text tab. Click the type of Text you would like to add to the page from the options provides and then edit accordingly.

Changing Font Styles

You can easily apply a wide variety of font styles to your text. To apply a font style to a text box, click to select a text box and then choose a font style from the drop down menu on the toolbar. If you want to make only part of the text contained inside the text box a certain font, then highlight only the text you want to change and choose the desired font style from the drop down menu found under the Text Settings dialog.

Changing Font Colors

Changing font color is a snap. Click on the text box or highlight the text you want to change within the text box and then click the Paint Bucket icon on the toolbar. Click on the custom option to mix and save a custom color or choose a suggested color from the palette.

Changing Font Properties

Just like in your Word documents you can apply a wide range of properties to your font. Here's a short list of the things you can do.

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Align Right, Center, or Left

To apply these changes, select the text box and then click the Format tab, followed by the appropriate property from the drop down menu on the toolbar.

Bullets and Numbering

There are times where you want to add bullet points or numbers to your text. You can do this by clicking to edit a text box, placing your cursor where you would like the Bullet or Number to be and then choosing appropriately using the Bullets icon drop down.