Setting Up Tiered Shipping With The Store

If you need a more customized shipping solution, you can choose from a number of different shipping options within the Store...

Take a look at the steps below set up tiered shipping options...

  1. From your WebStarts account dashboard, click the Store app panel to sign up for the WebStarts Store
  2. Click the Shipping tab to access and manage your Shipping preferences.
  3. Click to Edit your existing Shipping Rule(s) or create a new one using the Add Rule button.
  4. From the Shipping Calculation Option drop down, choose either the Ship by Weight, Ship by Price, or Ship by Quantity options.
  5. Enter your Delivery Option Name and the Estimated Delivery Time for that option in the fields provided.
  6. Decide how many different shipping ranges you will want to have based on the criteria chosen in step 4, and then complete the Range and Rate fields accordingly.
  7. Once complete, click the Update Shipping Rule button to save your changes

Now that your shipping options have been created, be sure to test it out by adding various products in to a cart on your site and making sure that the prices charges match the options that you chose when creating them.