Setting Up UPS Shipping In Your Store

Calculating the cost to ship an item sold within your WebStarts Store is made easy with the included UPS Shipping Calculator.

Check out the steps below to set up your Store to calculate and charge for shipping using UPS...

  1. From your WebStarts account dashboard, click the Store app panel to sign up for the WebStarts Store
  2. Click the Shipping tab to access and manage your Shipping preferences.
  3. Click to Edit your existing Shipping Rule or create a new one using the Add Rule button.
  4. Select the UPS option from the Shipping Calculation drop down and then...
    1. Enter your City
    2. Enter your Zip Code
    3. Enter your Country
    4. Enter your State
  5. Once complete, click the Update Shipping Rule button to save your changes

Make sure to choose to charge shipping for any product you wish to do so under the Shipping settings for each product and you should be set.