Setting Hyperlink Hover Effects

You can change the appearance of your text hyperlinks on your site by adding or removing the underline as well as setting specific colors for each link.

Take a look at the steps below to customize the look and behavior of your text hyperlinks...

  1. From within the website editor, click the Design tab in the left sidebar, followed by Text Style and then Hyperlinks
  2. From the options listed, choose the following...
    1. Link Color - The color of the hyperlink text on the page
    2. Underline - Choose either None, Underline, or Overline
    3. Hover Color - The color of the Hyperlink when hovered over
    4. Hover Underline - Choose either None, Underline, or Overline when hovered over.
  3. Once you have made your choices, any existing link as well as any newly created link will inherit these settings.

Be sure to save the page once the changes are made to ensure the settings are saved and you should be all set.

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