Adding a WebStarts Calendar to your website

You can easily add a beautiful calendar to your site using the All New Calendar App. Take a look at the steps below to see how...

How to add the WebStarts Calendar to your site.

  1. From within the WebStarts editor, toggle to edit the page you wish to add your calendar to.
  2. In the sidebar, click + Add followed by Calendar.
  3. The Calendar Manager window will display, click + Add Event to create an event.
  4. Enter the event title, start time, end time, and event link if necessary, then click Create
  5. Repeat the steps in in step 4, or click Insert to insert your calendar. 
  6. Click Edit Style to modify colors, text font/size, and opacity.
  7. Click Settings to modify the layout, resize by value or show on all pages.
  8. To add/edit events, double click on the calendar or select the calendar and click Edit.

Once added, drag and resize your new Calendar wherever you wish on your page, making sure to save the page when done.