Placing Your Website Under Construction

Placing your website under construction is useful if you would like to make changes to the rest of your website without anybody seeing your work until it is finished. To place your WebStarts website under construction, check out the video and steps that follow below...

  1. Create a new page for your site, making sure to name it something like Under Construction or similar.
  2. Click the Pages tab in the left sidebar and be sure to set this new page to not display on the navigation menu by selecting the new page, then click the "Hidden on menu" checkbox and click Update.
  3. Add an image or some text to the new Under Construction page to let anyone who visits know that the site is down for maintenance. You will also want to remove the menu from this page and/or turn off your header and footer to ensure your other pages are not able to be navigated to. To hide the header or footer, just click View > Show Header or View > Show Footer, respectively.
  4. Once happy with the way the page looks, save it and then click the View Site button to ensure it appears as you intended it to.
  5. Click the Pages tab once again and then select the new Under Construction page. Check the box labeled Set as Home Page and then click the Update button and then Save the page.

That is it! Make sure to refresh your live website in order to see the new under construction page. When you are ready to go live with your home page again, just switch it back using the same 'Set Home Page' check box for your desired home page.

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