Creating A New Page

Creating a new page for your website is done from within the WebStarts website editor, under the Pages tab in the left sidebar. Check out the steps below for help creating a new page for your website...

  1. Login to your account dashboard and select the website you would like to add a page to.
  2. Click the edit site button below the website thumbnail to edit that site.
  3. Once you're inside the site editor, in the left toolbar click on Pages and then Add Page. Here, you can either choose to add a new page to your website, or you can add a link to your menu. Be sure to click to Add a New Page to your site.
  4. Choose whether you’d like to create a blank page or make a copy of an existing page. Making a copy of an existing page is a great way to get a jump start when designing your new page.
  5. Click Create Page, give your page a name and then click OK.

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