Adding A Favicon To Your Website

A favicon is the little icon that appears to the left of your page title in a browser tab while viewing a website. Adding a favicon to your site helps build brand recognition and adds a professional touch to your site.

Favicons must be .ico file types. If you’re not sure how to create an .ico file follow these steps.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Upload your logo or image file you’d like to convert into a favicon by clicking the  import image option. You can also choose to download a pre-made favicon if you’d like.

Step 3. Download your converted favicon.

You can upload the favicon to your site by following these steps

Step 1. Login to your WebStarts account and choose to edit in page on your website.

Step 2. From the page editor view click on File> Page Settings.

Step 3. Choose the option to upload a favicon to your site. Browse your computer for the .ico file you’d like to use as your favicon.

Step 4. Click apply, save your changes, and be sure to delete the offline content in your browser so you can see your favicon displayed on your website right away.

Please note that favicons can only be used with websites which have been upgraded to a WebStarts Pro Plus account.

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