Working With The Text Layout Tool

The text layout tool is an easy way to add and arrange text layouts on your webpage. With the text layout tool you can create text that wraps around an image or video.

To add a text layout to your page follow these steps…

Step 1. From the page editor view click on the “Insert Textbox” icon.

Step 2. Choose the desired text layout from the drop down menu.

Step 3. Your text layout will now be visible on your page. You can drag and drop or resize your text layout as you see fit. You can either click on the pencil icon or double click on the text layout to edit or add text.

Step 4. If you have chosen to add a layout with an image click on the image placeholder to upload an image or video to go in your text layout.

Step 5. To change the size of your image or video click on the resize slider and drag it to the left to decrease the image size or right to increase the image size while the text layout is selected.

Step 6. You can change the image or video in your text layout at anytime by clicking the add image icon while the text layout is selected.