Adding or Changing A Background Image On Your Web Page

A background image can give your page a unique look and feel to make it stand out from the rest. To add a background image to your web page, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: From within the website editor, click the 'File' tab and then scroll down and click 'Background', then on 'Image'.

Step 2: With the Background tool panel open, click the Add Background Image placeholder image to choose an image from your File Manager. If you already have a background image applied, click the 'Change Image' button located below.

Step 3: From the image file manager, click to select the image you wish to use as your background followed by the 'Insert File' button. 

Step 4: From the 'Image Settings' drop down, choose how you want to position the background image on your page.

Once you are happy with the image, click out of the Background tool panel and your changes should be applied to the page. Save your page and you should be set.

NOTE: If you don't see the image on your page, it is possible you have a colored box or strip layered on top of the background. You can edit to remove the color or image applied to that strip or box by first selecting that box and then clicking the 'Paint Bucket' icon.

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