iFraming A Web Page URL In To Your WebStarts Website

We have made adding an iFrame to your website easier than ever with the all new WebStarts iFrame App. 

Follow the steps below to add iFrame just about any Web Page URL in to your WebStarts Website...

  1. From the website editor, click the Apps tab followed by the iFrame Embed App Icon. Note: see the second set of instructions below if you're using the latest version of the WebStarts editor.
  2. Enter the URL for the web page you wish to iFrame in to your site and click OK.
  3. This will add the new web page in to your site which you can then resize and move anywhere you like.

Update - How to insert an iFrame when using the latest version of the WebStarts editor (2021+):

  1. Copy this snippet of code to your clipboard - <iframe src="https://www.webstarts.com" width="100%" height="100%"></iframe>
  2. Remove https://www.webstarts.com from the snippet of code and replace it with the URL you wish to embed on your page. Note: leave the quotation symbols as they are and only replace the URL itself.
  3. Copy the updated snippet of code.
  4. Head to the WebStarts editor and click + Add then select Embed Code. From there, make sure the Paste Code tab is selected and paste in the code in line 1, then press Insert.

The embedded website will display within a box that you can then drag and drop and resize as needed.