How To Paste Text Onto Your Website From a Document or Website

The steps below are the most effective way to paste text from external documents into your WebStarts website…

Step 1: Open the document or web page you are copying the text from.

Step 2: Also log into and open your WebStarts editor to the page you are pasting to.

Step 3: In the document, highlight the text you wish to copy and then type Ctrl-C or right-click-copy to copy the contents to your clipboard.

Step 4: Once you have copied the content, create a new text box on your WebStarts web page using the Insert Textbox icon on the toolbar.

Step 5: Double click to edit the new text box and then paste the contents of the copied text into your text box using either Ctrl-V or right-click-paste.

That’s all there is to it. You should now see that the text is now in your WebStarts web page.

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