About Domain Propagation

Domain propagation is the process by which changes to a domain's DNS (Domain Name System) settings are distributed throughout the internet. When you make changes to your domain's DNS settings, such as updating the IP address of your website's server, it can take some time for those changes to be reflected on all DNS servers around the world. This delay is known as domain propagation.

When you create a website with WebStarts and connect a domain name to your site, you may experience some domain propagation delays when you make changes to your DNS settings. This can affect how quickly your website is accessible to visitors who type in your domain name.

The duration of domain propagation varies and can take up to 48 hours for changes to be fully propagated throughout the internet. However, in most cases, changes will propagate within a few hours.

During the domain propagation process, some visitors may be directed to the old server while others are directed to the new server. This can result in inconsistencies in website behavior or appearance until propagation is complete.

To minimize the impact of domain propagation delays, it's a good practice to make changes to your domain's DNS settings during periods of low traffic to your site. This can help reduce the likelihood of visitors experiencing issues when trying to access your site.