Adding A Shipping Rule For Hawaii, Alaska, and the Non-Continental US

Shipping products to places outside of the non-continental US is typically more expensive than shipping them within the continental US. For example a package shipped from California to Hawaii will likely cost more than shipping a package from California to New York. For this reason you may want to charge more for shipping when an order is shipped to those non-continental US locations like Alaska and Hawaii.

To  add a shipping rule for Hawaii, Alaska, and the non-continental US follow these steps.

1. From the dashboard click on the Store Application Panel. 

2. Next, click on the Shipping tab.

3. Click the "Add Shipping Rule" button.

4. Click on the shipping destination and select a country.

5. Click on the link displaying the number of destination states within that country and select the destinations where you want the shipping rule to be applied.

6. Lastly select a shipping method, name, and price.