Setting Up Your Website Analytics

Once activated within your account, WebStarts Analytics will automatically start tracking all of the visitors to your site. There are a few things in regard to setup that you will want to double check though, so take a look at the steps below to get started...

  1. From your WebStarts Account Dashboard, click the Analytics App panel.
  2. In the upper right corner of your Analytics Dashboard, click the Preferences tab.
  3. Click Preferences again on the secondary navigation bar to review your site settings...
    1. Hostname: This should be pre-populated with your domain name and won't need to be changed.
    2. Nickname: If you would like to assign a Nickname to your site, you can do so here.
    3. Language: Use this drop down to choose a different language for your Analytics dashboard.
    4. Time format: Choose your preferred time format as it related to the reporting within your account.
    5. Time zone: Choose your preferred time zone as it related to the reporting for your site.
    6. Daylight Savings Time: Turn On and Off your Daylight Savings preferences.
    7. Site Alignment: All sites built with WebStarts are centered by default, so be sure to choose Centered for your site alignment. If you have chosen to build your site aligned left, you can choose so here.
    8. Site width: If not already chosen, choose 1024 for the width of your site as this is what will produce the best results when using the Heatmaps feature.
  4. If any changes are made to your Site Settings, be sure to click the Submit button when done to save the changes.

That covers just about everything related to the settings for your site in your Analytics app. Be sure to reach out with any other questions you may have.