Assigning A Contributor To Your Website

WebStarts allows you to add people to your site as a contributor to its content. This is done through the dashboard for the site you want to allow access to using the Roles and Permissions panel. Check out the video and steps below to see how...

Invite someone to be a contributor to your WebStarts website

  1. From with the dashboard for the site, click the Roles and Permissions app panel.
  2. Enter the Email address for the Contributor for which you would like to assign a role for the site.
  3. Choose the Role that this Contributor will have:
    1. Admin - Has full access to the editing of the site as well as all site associated apps.
    2. Admin (Limited) - Has access to all site associated apps, but can not edit the website itself.
    3. Blog Contributor - Has access to make Blog posts and edits only.
  4. Once the email is provided and the Role is chosen, Send Invite to invite your new contributor.
Before the new contributor will be able to access the site, they will need to accept the invitation sent and create their account access...
Accept the invitation to become a Contributor and create account
  1. Open the invite email sent to the Contributor's email address provided above.
  2. Click the Accept Invitation button provided in the email.
  3. From the Welcome page, click the Create Account & Accept button to create the Contributor Account.
  4. On the Sign Up page, enter the Contributor's full name, confirm the email address, choose a password for the account and click Sign Up.

This will complete the steps to add a new contributor to your site. If you have any questions about the Roles and Permissions for your site or with WebStarts in general, be sure to reach out and we would be happy to help.