Refunding A Charge Within Your Account

Check out the steps below to see how to refund a charge within your Authorize merchant gateway account...

  1. Log into your Merchant Interface:
  2. Click Transaction Search from the main toolbar.
  3. Click Search for a Transaction in the main left side menu.
  4. Select the desired dates to view from the drop down menu or search by credit card payment method or credit card number, customer first name, last name, or transaction ID number and Click Search.
  5. Click the Transaction ID for the transaction that you wish to refund.
  6. On the Transaction Detail screen that follows, click the Refund button. 
    1. If you would like to issue a partial refund, adjust the Amount field.
    2. Optionally, you may add or update the Invoice # field for this refund, and enter something in the Description field.
    3. If you would like your customer to receive an email receipt for the refund, confirm the Customer Email field is present, and check the box labeled Email transaction receipt to customer (if email provided).
    4. Click OK to submit the refund request.

For more information regarding refunds within your account, Click Here.