Creating Returning Customer Profiles In The WebStarts Store

The WebStarts Store allows your returning customers the ability to create a profile by saving their information on checkout, making it quicker and easier to purchase from you again in the future. Check out the steps below to see how to enable and make use of this time saving feature...

  1. From your WebStarts account dashboard, click the Store panel to open the Store Management console
  2. Click the Settings tab and select the Allow customer login at checkout check box, and then click the Update button.
  3. Once enabled per the steps above, your customers on checkout will be presented with a Save this information for next time check box.
  4. Selecting the check box and then entering a password will save their Billing and Shipping information. 
  5. The next time your customer returns to your checkout page, they will be presented with the message: Already have an account? Log in
  6. Clicking the provided Log In link and entering the email address and password they had provided when initially saving their information will then pre-populate the Billing and Shipping information to make the new sale both quicker and easier for them to complete.

Jump in to your store and give it a shot for yourself and if you have any questions at all, please be sure to let us know at