Setting Custom Tax Options In Your Store

Need to charge tax for the products you are selling from your website? Check out the video below as well as the steps provided to quickly configure the Tax Settings from within your WebStarts Store...

Setting Up Your Tax Rules

  1. From within your WebStarts account dashboard, click the Store panel to manage your Store.
  2. Click the Taxes tab located in the left side bar of your Store Management panel.
  3. Click the Edit pencil icon to edit an existing Tax Rule, or click the Add Tax Rule button to create a new one.
  4. Select the country from the drop down provide for which you would like to charge taxes in and then proceed as follows...
  5. Charge a single rate for an entire country
    1. Once you have selected a country from step 4, make sure the Collect same rate for entire country is checked.
    2. Enter the tax rate you wish to charge for this country in the Tax Rate field.
    3. Click the Add button to create the new Tax Rule.
  6. Charged individual rates within the country
    1. Once you have selected a country in step 4, uncheck the Collect same rate for entire country box.
    2. Select the State/Territory you wish to charge taxes for within the country and click the Add button.
    3. Enter the tax rate in the Rate field.
    4. To add additional Sates/Territories, click the Add States link and repeat steps b and c above.
    5. Once add States have been added, click the Update Tax Rates button to update the new Tax Rule.

Note: Don't forget to make sure your products are set to charge tax. This can be done by editing the product and ticking the Charge taxes under the Pricing section of said product.