Selling Products By Color, Size, Or Other Option

Products variants allow you to sell products that come in various sizes, colors, and materials. You can enable variants for any of the products within your WebStarts Store.

Take a look at the video and steps below to see how to set up product variants...

  1. From your account dashboard, click the Store app panel to open your Store Manager.
  2. Click the Products tab and then click to add a new product or edit an existing product.
  3. Scroll down and click to enable the Variants option.
  4. Enter a variant type. For example Size, Color, or Material.
  5. Enter the names of your variants separated by a comma. For example Red, Blue, Green, etc.
  6. Click Add Another to create another set of variants.
  7. Upload photos, videos, and a price for each of your variants should you wish to do so.

Be sure to save the changes to your product and view it live to view how the Variant options are provided on your live product.

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