Selling Digital Products In Your Store

The WebStarts’ Store allows you to sell digital products like music, ebooks, software, videos and more. Selling digital products has great potential because you can sell as many copies as you’d like with no additional overhead costs. 

Use the following steps to get started selling digital products with your WebStarts Store and your WebStarts website.

  1. Log into your WebStarts account and click the Store panel to manage your store.
  2. Click to edit or create a new product and then click to enable Digital Delivery.
  3. Enter the text for the Download Link as well as provide instructions on how to download the item in the space
  4. For the Digital item itself, you can either upload your file or provide a direct link to it in the Download Link space provided.
  5. Once filled out completely, click the Update button to save the product.

Now that the Digital Delivery has been set up, your Digital Product will be delivered on the Payment Confirmation page when a successful purchase it made.

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