Updating Domain Registration Information

ICAAN requires that you keep up to date records for your domain name, including current name, address, email address and phone number. You may be asked to confirm this information from time to time during the life of your domain name so it is critical that this info remain current.

To make changes to your domain registration information at any time, please take a look at the following steps...

  1. Click the My Domains tab, located in the drop down found in the upper right corner of your account dashboard.
  2. Click the Pencil icon next to the domain name you wish to edit the registration information for.
  3. Select the  Unlocked radio button next to Domain Locking followed by Save to unlock the domain.
  4. Click the Edit Registration Info link to open the registration information fields.
  5. Edit each field as required, making sure to save your changes by clicking the  Save button.

Please note: Any change you make to your domain name can take some time to resolve. Usually you will see these changes within a few hours, but it can take up to a full 48 hours to fully propagate.