Invoicing Clients

To invoice a Client follow these steps.

1. Login to your WebStarts account and click the Clients tab from the drop down menu in the top right.

2. Locate the Client you would like to invoice in your list of Clients and click the overflow menu (three vertically aligned dots) and select Add Invoice.

3. Designate the site to associate with the invoice. (For example: The site where work was performed that you wish to bill for.) Then click the button labeled "Continue".

4. Click the floating plus button to add the Products and quantity you would like to bill for. (You can create custom Products and Plans by selecting the Products tab.)

5. When you're finished click the button labeled "Send Invoice" and a copy of the invoice with a link to pay will be sent to your Client. You can check the status of the Invoice by selecting the Invoice tab. The Agency name and logo you entered on the Settings page in the Agency Features section will be displayed on your Invoices.