WebStarts Business Emails - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding WebStarts business emails.

Is there a sending limit? WebStarts emails have a daily sending limit of 500 messages per day. Note: the daily sending limit starts at 25 on the day the email is created, then quickly ramps up to 500 messages per day within a few days.

Is there a receiving limit? No.

What is the storage limit for each email address? Each email address includes up to 5GB of storage.

Can I purchase additional storage? Yes, email support@webstarts.com to inquire and purchase a storage add-on.

How much do emails cost? Emails are sold in bundles of 5, which can be purchased for $10/mon or $60/yr.

Can I set up aliases? Aliases are not supported.

What are the settings for mail clients? Here are the settings you'll need to connect via IMAP:

Incoming & Outgoing Server: mail.b.hostedemail.com
SSL: Enabled
Incoming Port: 993
Outgoing Port: 465
Note: the Settings are exactly the same for POP connections except the incoming port would be 995.