How Much To Charge People For Building A Website

With the WebStarts Designer Platform™ you can charge whatever you'd like for the services you offer. The following are only suggestions for what to charge your clients.

If you're not sure what to charge people for building a website we suggest $100 per page, with a minimum site build of $500. In addition we suggest you charge them $20 per month for hosting and $125 per hour for any open-ended work. We also suggest limiting clients to a maximum of three revisions of their site.

In order to use your time effectively we suggest you start a client off in the process by creating a form for them and model it after this sample web design questionnaire

Once they've completed the questionnaire you'll be able to give them an estimate based on the pricing criteria suggested above. If your prospect approves your estimate it's time to create a mock up for the client. Be sure your fist mockup is based on the information you captured with the web design questionnaire. This will limit the number of revisions and ensure you and your client are on the same page.