Understanding Drag And Drop

WebStarts uses what is referred to as a Drag and Drop website editor. This is a term that is used pretty frequently in the world of website builders and content management services, so it's important to have a good understanding of what that means when getting started with your website.

Just as the term implies, you use 'drag' and 'drop' actions when editing the content of your site. Clicking to select an element in the editor allows you to then click and 'drag' that element anywhere on the page you like. When you have placed it where you want, release the mouse button to 'drop' it where it is. You can repeat this same action for any element on your page.

Resizing an element works much the same way, but in this case, you would click on one of the handles located on the perimeter of the element and then 'drag' to resize it, releasing and 'dropping' the handle once it reaches your desired size and/or shape. 

The idea behind a drag and drop editor is to make things easy and intuitive use, and combined with the freedom that WebStarts provides in our editor, the sky is the limit in terms of how creative you want to be.