Choosing Your Site Design

One of the first steps in creating your new site with WebStarts is to choose a site design. Check out the steps below to get started...

  1. From the Designs page, you can search for a specific design, choose from the list of categories, or simply scroll through the all of the designs provided...
    1. Search: Enter a particular industry, profession, or hobby you are interested in and click the Enter key to view the results. 
    2. Categories: Choose from the list of categories provided to view site designs related to that particular choice.
    3. Browse: If you prefer to choose from all of the designs we provide, you can simply scroll through them and choose any design you like.
  2. Hover over any Design to reveal a mobile preview.
  3. Click the Preview button to view and test a fully functional version of that design.
  4. Once you have decided on a design, click the Select button to start editing.

Not having any luck finding a design for your specific needs? No worries at all. Any of the designs we provide can be edited to any degree. Simply swap out images, text, and more, to transform any design you like in to anything you desire.

Can't find what you're looking for? You can email for additional support.