Setting Up An HTML Email Signature

WebStarts provides you with the ability to add a customized HTML Signature to your outgoing emails. Check out the video and steps below to see how...

  1. From within your Business Email account, click the Settings Tab at the top of the page.
  2. Locate and select the Identities Tab in the left side bar and then click to select the Email address which you want to set up the email signature for.
  3. Once selected, scroll down to the Signature area to create your email signature.
  4. By default, the signature will be created as text only, but you can choose to create an HTML signature by checking the box labeled HTML Signature.
  5. Once checked you can add text and images and style them accordingly using the included HTML editor. Click to Save your changes when done.

Now that you have added your new signature to your email, be sure to send a few test emails to make sure it appears as you intended it to and adjust as needed.