Improving email delivery with your WebStarts website

The ability to reach people's email inboxes is an ever increasing challenge. Even when your intentions are pure, there are many factors working against you; How old is your email address you are sending to? How about the one that is sending the email? Have you ever sent an email to this email address before? How strict and over-protective is the email provider you are sending to? How about the one you are using yourself? Gmail, while one of the most commonly used providers, is also one of the toughest to reach. You may never have the ability to get in to them all, but having your emails delivered becomes easier when ensuring a few of the basics are covered...

1. Make sure to send emails to only those who have confirmed they wish to receive your email - Any time you add a new email address to a list, a confirmation email will go out to that email on your behalf requesting that they confirm they wish to receive messages from you. This extra step is critical in helping that any future email that is sent is not marked as spam.

2. Ask those who fill out your forms to add your email to their contact list - When your email address is added to the Contact List of someone's own email account, that helps to indicate that you are a known sender. A friend more or less. Adding a simple message on the confirmation page of your form or payment confirmation page is all it takes. Example: "Be sure to add to help make sure we can continue to email you regarding your purchase".

3. Remind people to check their Spam or Bulk folders - Even if you're doing everything right, your email may still end up in a Spam or Bulk email folder. Don't hesitate to remind your subscribers and customers to check to make sure your emails hasn't ended up there as well. Again, another simple message on your confirmation pages is all it takes: "If you have any trouble receiving our emails, be sure to check your Spam folder to make sure it hasn't ended up there".

These are just a few of the things you can do to help make sure your email delivery can be counted on.