Setting Up A Vacation Auto-Responder In Your Business Email

Whether you are going on vacation, moving to another department or job, or simply want to provide a quick message to anyone who sends you an email, setting up an auto response message in your Business Email account can be helpful. Take a quick look at the video below for help setting that up now...

  1. Login to your Business Email account and click the Settings cog located at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Autoresponder tab, located in the left sidebar.
  3. Check the box to enable and disable the message as required
  4. Set the interval period: A setting of '0' would result in an instant reply to the person emailing you. A '1' would be a one day delay. '2' a two day delay and do on.
  5. Set a date, if any, that you would like the autoresponse email to cease going out.
  6. Compose the email message you would like to send in the space provided.
  7. Once complete, click the Save button and you should be set.

Be sure to test the new autoresponse message by sending yourself an email and ensure you are sent the response as anticipated.