Setting Up A Client

To setup a client, click on the Clients tab while logged into your designer platform account.

Once inside the Designer Platform Clients section, click the button labeled "Add New Client". Enter the name of the client, their email address, and whatever you want to name the client's website in the section labeled "Client Website Title". When you're finished click "Next".

*Note: If you need to setup multiple clients for the same email address use email aliases. For example: If you create a client with and later want to make a second website using that same email address you'll need to use something like You can enter whatever you want after the plus sign and emails will still go to the original address.

Once your client is created you'll need to choose a website design for them. You can choose from one of our pre-designed layouts, a design provided in our designer community, or you can choose to clone a website from your account. After you make your selection click the button labeled "Create Site". After a few moments your client's website will be created and deployed. You're now able to edit the website and provide your client access to edit the website themselves.

To give your client access to edit their website you must provide them with the login link found at the top of the page under the settings tab. You must also provide them with the email address and password you assigned to them. If you're unsure about the password you can edit it at anytime by clicking the option to edit the client information.